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AGU 2008 – info about session I’m chairing and blogger meet-up

December 9, 2008

The annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting is next week already!

It is at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from Monday, December 15th – Friday, December 19th. You can see more details about the meeting here.

I am chairing a poster session that will be on Wednesday afternoon. We were two submissions shy of getting an oral session (needed 19, we got 17) but that’s cool, poster sessions can be tons of fun if well attended.

My co-convenor and I are both interested in unraveling the sedimentary record, but approach the endeavor slightly differently. I am more-or-less an observationalist — I go out in the field and look at outcrops or compile data from sea-floor/subsurface systems and characterize them. My colleague and co-convenor is more of an experimentalist — he works on scaled-down experiments and tries to tease out any and every relationship he can.

Our session is aimed at bringing together these different, yet inherently overlapping, approaches. Our goals are the same after all — to better understand the linkage between sedimentary process, morphology, and what actually gets preserved in the rock record (i.e., stratigraphy).

We have what looks like to be a great collection of studies — some that focus on natural systems, some on experimental, some that compare/constrast results from both, some that focus on fluvial/deltaic systems, some on turbidite systems, and so on. It should be fun. If you are at the meeting, stop by. You can find all the details here.

The other bit of business is to organize a meet-up for those attending the meeting. Kim put up a post earlier today with more info. Looks like Wednesday evening is the day and, as I write this, people were discussing a place and more details.


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