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2008 end-of-year meme

December 10, 2008

Look out – here comes a bandwagon! A bunch of other bloggers are doing it … okay, I will too.

Here’s the deal — take the first sentence for the first post of each month for 2008 and put them together. Also … put in the first photograph of the month (about half of them are not from the same post – so they don’t all match).

January: My first post of 2008 has absolutely nothing to do with Earth science.

February: It’s been a quiet week on Clastic Detritus … we went through a move earlier this week to be a little closer to my new job.

Folded chert of the Franciscan Complex, Marin Headlands, California (© 2008

March: I’ve spent the last week or so in Chilean Patagonia co-leading a small, informal field trip around the rocks that me and several other students have worked on in the last several years.

Seno Ultima Esperanza, southern Chile (© 2008

April: I’m going to be traveling and away from a computer for the next couple of weeks, so don’t expect any new posts until I return.

Zebra at the Inverdoorn game reserve, South Africa (© 2008

May: I’ve been so patient … Finally, it seems that Google will do what I’ve been literally dreaming about.

Debris flow deposit, Owens Valley, California (© 2008

June: I guess I’m on a plate tectonics kick … the last few Sea-Floor Sundays have shown bathymetric (sea-floor topography) images at a scale where big-scale tectonic features are evident (see Scotia Plate, regional context of Chaitén volcano, and Gulf of California).

credit: USGS

July: This intriguing press release just came across my reader.

August: A paper for a component of my PhD work is finally in press (woo hoo!). I will put together a post about it once it’s uploaded to Sedimentology’s website.

Basemap made in GeoMapApp

September: A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a field trip to see some Neoproterozoic turbidites in the Canadian Rockies (see this post).

Folded Neoproterozoic turbidites, British Columbia (© 2008

October: In 2006 I had the opportunity to go to a geology conference in Mendoza, Argentina on my way back from field work in Patagonia.

Puente del Inca, Argentina (© 2008

November: With two days to go until the election, here’s a short video describing the electoral math problem that McCain must overcome to pull out a victory.

December: I am out of town this week helping teach a week-long class for work about — you guessed it, turbidites.

This is a very cool way to review the year, and nicely represents a lot of what I’ve blogged about this year … I enjoyed putting it together.


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