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Geoblogosphere week in review (July 19-July 25, 2010)

July 26, 2010

Here are several posts from the geoscience blogosphere last week highlighting some interesting writing:

  • Suvrat Kher of Rapid Uplift discusses the geologic context of shale gas resources in India and relationship to growing demand for energy.
  • Michael Welland of Through the Sandglass writes about an ingenious idea to use calcite-precipitating bacteria to construct sandstone bricks out of sand to then use as building material.
  • Check out geoscience educator Ed Adams’ (from Geology Happens) ‘Why I Blog’ post up at AGU’s Plainspoken Scientist blog.
  • Ryan from The Martian Chronicles discusses a recent paper in Nature Geoscience about evidence for a global ocean on Mars.
  • Ian Stimpson from Hypo-theses writes about how his self-imposed challenge to post a photo and corresponding information (including coordinates) of a rock every day in 2010 is going. I’m impressed he’s made it this far, and I hope he makes it all the way — what a nice resource this will be for years to come.
  • Life-Long Scholar from Musings of a Life-Long Scholar writes about finding motivation to work. This is a great post and a must-read especially for grad students in the midst of writing their theses.
  • Kim Hannula of All of My Faults Are Stress-Related talks about where some of her geology blogging activities are and will be in the future.
  • Garry Hayes of Geotripper continues his excellent coverage and blogging about the bill in the California state assembly to remove serpentinite as the state rock.

There were also several posts contributing to the upcoming Accretionary Wedge geoscience blog carnival about the role of geoblogs and geobloggers in communicating science. These will be compiled by David Bressan soon so I will wait to link to them until that time. In the meantime, if you haven’t contributed yours, you still can (due July 29) here.


Week-in-review posts from past month:

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