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Geoblogosphere week in review (July 5-July 11, 2010)

July 12, 2010

Here are several posts from the geoscience blogosphere last week highlighting some interesting writing:

  • Daniel from sandbian explains the tricky situation within which a geologist who wants to study the mineralogy/petrology of archeological artifacts may find themselves — convincing the archeologist that it is worth cutting open (and “destroying”) the artifact for further study.
  • Silver Fox from Looking For Detachment muses about how her upbringing and built-in sense of direction might have a lot to do with her becoming a geologist. This is a great read with some great discussion in the comment thread too.
  • Zoltan Sylvester from Hindered Settling shares a story (and many superb photographs) about a hike in the Romanian Carpathians, including encounters with the Cretaceous Bucegi Conglomerate.
  • You may have heard rumblings from the science blogosphere at large last week when bloggers from the SEED Media-hosted site ScienceBlogs erupted in furor (justifiably, in my opinion) at their host’s decision to allow a corporate “advertorial” blog run by Pepsico into the ranks of their independent science blogs. Read reaction from geology blog Highly Allochthonous and the paleontology/paleobiology blog Laelaps regarding their decisions of whether or not to continue working with the site. [UPDATE: Chris and Anne have moved Highly Allochthonous to a new location, make sure to update your feeds!]
  • Finally, the brouhaha out here in California regarding the bill in the state legislature to remove serpentinite as the state rock continues. Garry Hayes from Geotripper has been on top of this issue from the beginning and has written a powerful and succinct letter to the governor that artfully combines explanation and formal objection to the bill. Andrew Alden has also been quite active on this front — see his latest post on the issue on his Oakland Geology blog. To keep updated on the latest, search the hashtag #CAserpentine on Twitter.



Week-in-review posts from past month:

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  1. July 12, 2010 6:29 am

    Thanks for the link love and for pointing to some of the best geology blogging of the past week.

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