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Call for posts for January 2009 Accretionary Wedge geoscience blog carnival

January 11, 2009

This is my second time hosting the geoscience blog carnival – The Accretionary Wedge. The other time was the inaugural edition waaay back in September of 2007.

For this installment of The Accretionary Wedge I am asking for posts that speculate about the future of the Earth within the context of geological processes/events.

I was inspired by reading the book Year Million in which an assortment of scientists, technologists, social scientists, economists, etc. ponder what will be in a million years from now. The majority of the essays discuss the course of civilization, technology trends, biological evolution, and the general fate of the human world.

Originally, I was going to propose the million years … but I think that is too limiting. You can speculate about 10,000 yrs, 100,000 yrs, a million, ten million, 100 million and so on.

I’m not necessarily looking for well-constrained predictions … this is mostly meant to be fun speculation. Be creative!! Although if you do want to project the configuration of plates and long-term climate cycles and all that rigorously — go for it.

Please put a link to your post below or e-mail me the link by Friday, January 30th and I will put them together before the end of that weekend. I’ll put out a reminder post in another couple weeks.

Note: The December ’08 installment will now be in March ’09; see this page on the archive site for the schedule and feel free to volunteer to host (and come up with a fun topic)


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