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AGU Blogging #4: Friday & meeting summary

December 20, 2008

I’m glad I did not say I would try and live blog during the AGU meeting — I was far too busy the whole time … I would have failed miserably. But the busy-ness was good — I saw a lot of good science, met a lot of great people, and had an overall great meeting.

Friday was all about submarine canyons for me — I just love submarine canyons. The morning was a poster session and the afternoon an oral session. I always feel a little bad for those who get stuck with the Friday afternoon slot for a talk — at least half the attendees have already left, those who are still there are moving a little slower — lazily strolling around instead of scurrying around between talks, the exhibits are being dismantled, and so on. But, the session was actually fairly well attended. Some incredibly interesting talks about studies involving repeat surveys of submarine canyons over time showing the changes in their morphology. There were  two talks that stand out in my mind — one about dynamic sedimentary waveforms on the floor of Monterey Canyon and one about seismic-reflection profiling of the ‘Swatch of No Ground’ canyon offshore Bangladesh before and after a typhoon.

In general, the meeting was very fruitful for me — I was able to both catch up with colleagues I haven’t talked to in a long time and get to know others whose work I’m familiar with but never had a chance to meet.

If you are a younger scientist and haven’t been to a lot of meetings yet, I encourage you to go to as many as possible. And nowadays it’s super easy and cheap to create your own business cards — do it and trade cards with those you chat with. You never know who might become a research collaborator or even a future employer.

Although I missed the geoblogger meet-up on Wednesday evening, I was able to track down Ron at his session on Thursday and we had a nice lunch. Next time I won’t miss the chance to meet others in the geoblogosphere … I promise!

Like many, I have some holiday traveling coming up so posts will likely be sparse in the next couple of weeks.


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