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A geo-bio theme for next carnival?

September 11, 2007

Kevin Z of The Other 95% made a comment in The Accretionary Wedge #1 proposing a interdisciplinary theme for the next carnival. I’m posting it here just in case you didn’t see it in the comments.

This carnival was a great idea. I like how the posts reflected a theme as well. I’d like to propose another theme that I would be willing to host at my blog The Other 95%. As a biologist with a bunch of geology behind him, I am always fascinated by the interplay of geology and biology. So I would like to propose the theme: At the Melting Point – The Intersection of Rock and Life. The theme can be broadly applied. Any takers?

I am leaving later this week for a 2-week trip and will be away from the internets the whole time. So, i’m gonna pass on this particular proposal…but, it sounds pretty cool. Feel free to use the comment thread in TAW#1 post to discuss.


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