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A lot going on, just not on this blog

October 31, 2013

Remember when I used to post semi-regularly on this blog? Yeah, not so much these days. Incredibly busy with three graduate students working on three different projects, two undergraduate researchers, teaching two courses and a seminar this semester, trouble-shooting instrument issues in my lab, working with collaborators over email/phone, and trying to make progress on a couple of papers and two proposals with whatever time is left.

Overall, I’m lovin’ it, these are exciting times. It’s a joy working with motivated and curious graduate and undergraduate students. They make me want to improve how I do my science. I’m trying to continue to learn new skills (or, in some cases, re-learn skills I once knew).

Perhaps someday I’ll get back to posting on here!

(You probably see an advertisement right below the post. Sorry to clutter up this content with annoying ads, I don’t like it either, but I would otherwise have to pay for hosting. This option is the least intrusive.)

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