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Final Episode of IODP Newfoundland Expedition

August 21, 2012

Here’s the sixth, and final, installment of the video series filmed on the JOIDES Resolution drillship during IODP Expedition 342. (Use this link if it’s not showing up for you above.) This final episode was filmed during the final few days of the two-month-long expedition as we came into port at St. Johns, Newfoundland and then edited/produced onshore in the past couple weeks. As you can tell we were quite excited — all taking photos of land since we hadn’t seen any for two months.

The film maker, Dan Brinkhuis of ScienceMediaNL, also captured the feeling of exhaustion many of us felt towards the end, which features yours truly getting excited about our first day off following eight straight weeks of 12-hour-per-day shifts. Check out my previous post reflecting on this incredible experience. But, as the expedition project manager says in the film, we are just getting started with the science. Obtaining the cores is really just the first step. In the coming months I’ll be posting more about the science plans and results.

Here are all six episodes:

Episode One: ‘Departure’ —

Episode Two: ‘Core on Deck’ —

Episode Three: ‘Time Machine’ —

Episode Four: ‘Stormy Science’ —

Episode Five: ‘Back to the Future’ —

Episode Six: ‘Newfoundland’ —

ScienceMediaNL is also working on a single, 20-minute-long documentary about the entire expedition, which will be out later this fall.

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