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Geological Society of America 2012 — Call for Abstracts

August 7, 2012

This year’s annual GSA conference is November 4-7, in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am chairing two sessions at the meeting and encourage you to submit an abstract.

T169. Cyclicity and Hierarchy in the Clastic Stratigraphic Record
Brian W. Romans, Jacob A. Covault, Stephen M. Hubbard
The documentation of cyclical and hierarchical patterns in the stratigraphic record has led to interpretations of systematic forcings and apparently improved predictability. This session will explore these themes at a range of scales. Submit an abstract.
T181. Integrated Detrital Records of Orogenic Systems
Brian W. Romans, Amy L. Weislogel, Julie C. Fosdick
The record of orogenesis is contained within detritus deposited in sedimentary basins. This interdisciplinary session will highlight innovations in using detrital geo-/thermo-chronology and other geochemical provenance methods to better understand relationships of tectonics and sedimentation. Submit an abstract.
Another session of interest, and one that I’ll likely submit an abstract to:
T165. Preservation of Environmental Signals in Deep-Water Depositional Systems
Jacob A. Covault, John Snedden
This session aims to evaluate preservation of environmental signals in the deep-water stratigraphic record. Studies of Quaternary sedimentary systems on the seafloor, successions of outcropping and subsurface sedimentary rocks, and numerical models are welcome contributions.
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