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GSA conference in Portland

October 16, 2009

mtgLogoTopLeftAs many of you know the 2009 Geological Society of America (GSA) conference is in Portland, Oregon from this Sunday (Oct 18) through Wednesday (Oct 21).

I will be heading up to give a talk about some work I did for my Ph.D. about the provenance and tectonics of the Cretaceous Magallanes foreland basin in Patagonia. I’ve posted before about the studies in Patagonia that focused on the sedimentology and stratigraphic architecture of a particular formation (see here), but the research I will talk about at GSA summarizes more regional and longer-term patterns related to how the basin evolved.

The title of the talk is:

Importance of predecessor basin history on provenance of the Magallanes retroarc foreland basin, Chile

This talk will be Tuesday afternoon at 3:30pm in the Tectonics and Basins of Convergent Margins session. The link to the full abstract is here and you can see the list of all presentations in this session here. This session also has a companion poster session on Wednesday. I’m a co-author on a poster that focuses on the structural styles and history of deformation in the Magallanes fold-thrust belt. This is going to be an awesome poster — the first author has done a fantastic job of unraveling the complex structural history of this area (read the full abstract here).

The last couple of weeks have been intensely busy for me so I haven’t had a chance to look at the rest of the technical program for the meeting — but I’m sure there will be tons of great stuff as always. I encourage readers to add information about their own talks/posters to the comment thread below.

In addition to all the great science, a whole host of blogging/tweeting Earth scientists (geosocial networking?) will be meeting up on Monday night. See Callan’s post here for all the details. GSA has been extremely good this year about embracing geosocial networking — they’ve set up a dynamic blogroll here and I remember hearing about a list of Twitterers too (I can’t seem to find that, please comment below if you know it), which is here.

See you in Portland!

UPDATE: GSA will be keeping track of blog posts about the conference on this site — bookmark it and check back over the next several days for posts from many different bloggers.

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