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Sea-Floor Sunday #47: Glacial landforms revealed by multibeam bathymetry

May 10, 2009

This week’s Sea-Floor Sunday should look familiar to those who get the journal Geology.


credit: Geological Society of America; Image created by: Alastair Graham, using ArcScene (click on image to go to source)

This is the cover for the May 2009 issue — and this image corresponds to this paper.

Here is the short blurb about what it is you are looking at:

Perspective view of multibeam swath bathymetry data from the Amundsen Sea embayment, showing streamlined landforms, scours, and channels generated at the bed of converging paleo-ice streams. The view is looking northeast from above Wright Island. See “Subglacial bedforms reveal complex basal regime in a zone of paleo-ice stream convergence, Amundsen Sea embayment, West Antarctica” by Larter et al., p. 411-414. (Bathymetry in this image also includes multibeam data obtained on the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer during cruises supported NSF.

Very cool!


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