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Sunday potpourri

January 4, 2009

There seems to be a lot of great interwebs stuff to read and distract you from doing real work in the last couple of weeks.

(1) Did you miss cryology and co.’s ‘The Twelve Days of Geology’? If so, go check it out … it’s quite good.

(2) Kim has a thrust belt in her driveway.

(3) Callan found a video of John McPhee and Eldridge Moores on YouTube.

(4) Suvrat discusses external and intrinsic controls on sedimentation and asks the geoblogosphere a question about how the size of your research lab might influence the ideas you research.

(5) Chris M. plays around with the Earth Impact Simulator (you put in all sorts of parameters like asteroid size, angle of impact, composition, etc. and it tells you about the resulting damage).

(6) David tells us about the rocks at Stonehenge.

(7) Maria injects a bit of caution for those getting all worked up about the Yellowstone quakes.

(8) I’ve enjoyed the three-part series of guest posts from Ken Miller over at The Loom where he eloquently dismantles  attempts from Intelligent Design cranks to resurrect the same old arguments … again. Part 3 is here, links to parts 1 and 2 can be found there.

(9) Google is planning on putting data centers out in the ocean … huh?

(10) Very cool interactive feature from the Understanding Science website about how science really works.

(11) Check out this fantastic and comprehensive review of what the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have done with their nearly five years of field work on the red planet.

(12) Finally … in case you are wondering where it is — Where on (Google)Earth #155 is over on Peter’s SmugMug site. It has been stalled there for over a month — get the location and host the next one!


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  1. Mark permalink
    January 5, 2009 4:23 am

    You’re killing me Brian. I have no time to look at these things but they loom! Such a great catalyst for discussion though, blogs…a new catch-22!

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