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Friday Field Foto #74: Deep-marine mud

January 2, 2009

This week’s Friday Field Foto is from a short research cruise on went on a few years ago just off the coast of central California. This kind of field work is different from what I usually show, but is field work nonetheless.

The goal of the cruise was to collect some samples from an area of the sea floor (~1,000 m water depth) where a high-resolution mapping and profiling survey had been done several weeks before.


Push core samples of deep-marine mud, offshore central California (© 2008

Two tools were used to collect sediment samples — a vibracoring system that gets 1-2 m thick cores and a push core system that retrieves 20-30 cm thick cores, which are shown above. A quick description is done and a suite of smaller samples are taken from the cores for later analysis.

Happy Friday!


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