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Friday Field Foto #73: Bootlegger Wash, Utah

December 12, 2008

This week’s Friday Field Fotos are from the fantastic Cretaceous of Utah. A field trip to investigate the shelf, shallow marine, and coastal plain depositional packages exposed in the Book Cliffs and surrounding areas is necessary for any budding stratigrapher … in fact, I’d say any geologist! How fun would that be to have a geoblogosphere field trip — someday perhaps.

The images today are photomosaics taken from the same spot (roughly) — in an area called Bootlegger Wash (east of the town of Green River). In 2002 I went out with the rest of my research group for eight or nine days to help collect some data for two students who were doing projects here. Both photos are old-school, low-res (pre-GigaPan) mosaics.

The first photo below is the afternoon we arrived and shows us getting the campsite set up. The Book Cliffs outcrops are in the distance.


Campsite at Bootlegger Wash, Utah (© 2008

If you were to hike a few hundred meters from camp and face southeast during sunset, you would see this (below).


Sunset from Bootlegger Wash, Utah (© 2008

In the far right of the photo are the Lasalle Mountains and Arches Nat’l Park in the distance.

Happy Friday!


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