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Friday Field Foto #69: Patterns in a Tierra del Fuego beach

October 24, 2008

This week’s Friday Field Foto doesn’t show off any geologic relationship … I just think it looks cool.

While looking at some Miocene beach cliff exposures on the Atlantic coast of Tierra del Fuego last March I was distracted by the patterns in the sand created as the tide went out.

Patterns in the sand during low tide (© 2008

Patterns in the sand during low tide (© 2008

Happy Friday!


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  1. October 24, 2008 9:17 am

    shits’ real yo!

  2. October 27, 2008 7:24 pm

    Very cool sand pattern! I often attempt to capture the nifty shapes I see in the receeding tides, but rarely succeed…

  3. October 27, 2008 8:53 pm

    Adam … thanks … regarding getting this photo, right place, right time.

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