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Sea-Floor Sunday #32: Mud volcano and associated mud flows

October 12, 2008

This week’s Sea-Floor Sunday grabs another great image from the Virtual Seismic Atlas website.

credit: Virtual Seismic Atlas (

The image above is the sea floor offshore Nigeria showing an active uplifting ridge with a mud volcano. Unfortunately there is no scale included on this image … my guess is that ridge is 3-5 km across. Also note the mud flows that have come off the flank of this ridge.

The image below zooms in a bit to highlight the mud flow texture.

credit: Virtual Seismic Atlas (

You can find this image here at the Virtual Seismic Atlas site.

See this Sea-Floor Sunday post from a couple weeks back showing another perspective of the Nigerian continental slope.

Note: All images above are property of Virtual Seismic Atlas (VSA). They are available for personal or educational purposes, but please visit their site and read terms of use [pdf] before doing so.


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  1. Divya Rathi permalink
    October 15, 2008 8:00 am

    Hey Brian !

    i had just been through your blog n it was fantastic vewing the work u hav done in form of the photographs u have taken.. and your entries..t was really great s m a huge fan of earth studies, geosciences n volcanology. m right now pursuing my graduation n frm school times i was an ardent admirer of earths creations. . brian, u are a sedimentary geologist n m sure you must hav had a visit to the Grand Canyon n viewed the millions of years of rock layer formations which r present there. .i once researched n saw tht geomorphologists had found out that n abundant plush forest cover existed there millions of years ago. .i wud jus say tht ts a great wrk u r doin out thr as a sedimentary geologist 4 the community evn. .i wud lik to ask 1 thing. .rite nw m pursing graduation in business managemnt. .u think il get through for a postgraduation in geology. . i hav majored in geography in plus two. . it wud b great to hear frm u. . tk cre. .

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