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Incredible image of Enceladus

August 22, 2008

Callan already did this, but I can’t resist … check out this amazing mosaic of Enceladus (moon of Saturn) captured by the Cassini spacecraft.


Credit: NASA / JPL / SSI

Learn all about this image over at the Planetary Society Weblog. Here’s a short blurb:

In an amazingly quick piece of work, the imaging team has already assembled the 8-frame mosaic captured by Cassini as it receded from its close encounter with Enceladus last week. This is a really difficult piece of work. There are 32 separate camera images in this mosaic — 8 high-resolution images taken through a clear filter to get the detail, and 24 taken at half the resolution through ultraviolet, green, and infrared filters to get the color.

This one is zoomed in a bit … these patterns are absolutely stunning!


Credit: NASA / JPL / SSI


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