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Hiatus continues…

August 9, 2008

I’ve been taking a blogging break the last few weeks (except for this post about Patagonia field work) … the August recess will continue for at least another couple weeks. I’m doing some traveling (to look at some rocks!) and will be away from a computer.

Where am I going? I’ll be sure to share info and photographs when I return, but, in the meantime, below is an image from GoogleEarth near where I’ll be. I’ve never been to this area, so I’m very excited. Some of you veteran Wo(G)Ers probably know where this is without much trouble*.

image from GoogleEarth

image from GoogleEarth

Note: I’m going to shut down comments since I won’t be able to moderate … I’ve been getting a bit more spam than usual lately. I apologize in advance to anyone who tries to comment and can’t.

* speaking of Wo(G)E, where is Where on (Google)Earth these days?  … found it …have fun.


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