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Airport blogging

April 23, 2008

I’m on my way home from a conference in San Antonio … i’m sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport waiting for my connection and … oh crap, look at this:

That sucks.

Anyway, the conference went well … very busy with talk, poster, and chairing a session but it was fun. I saw some great talks and posters, mostly within my specialty of deep-marine sedimentology and stratigraphy. A great combination of research focused on numerical/physical modeling of turbidity currents, Quaternary systems, and ancient systems (both subsurface and outcrop). I really enjoy getting researchers with various talents and approaches together to discuss the challenges we face in unraveling geologic problems.

While away from my computer for a couple days, I missed the Earth Day edition of The Accretionary Wedge geo-blog carnival. It was hosted by Andrew over at and can be found here. Good stuff, check it out.

Back to regular blogging soon (if I ever make it out of Dallas).

UPDATE: It did suck. They put us on the plane just as the most severe part of the storm hit the airport. Then we sat at the gate for an hour. As the storm dissipated we starting taxiing with all the other planes. Then they said the winds shifted, so we all taxied to the other side of the runway. Then we waited another 45 minutes as all the planes that were circling the airport waiting to land had to land (fair enough). Then, the winds shifted back and we all taxied back to the other side. Awesome … I spent more time on the plane on the ground than in the air. Ahh … I love traveling.


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