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Agadir Basin debris flow event: a preface

November 25, 2007

As most of my readers know, I have spent my graduate student career researching both ancient and modern deep-marine sedimentary systems. In particular, the processes and products of sediment gravity flows.

It’s not often that my specific field of study makes it into Nature or Science. I was pleasantly surprised to see this paper tucked in with all the stem cell papers in last week’s Nature. It’s difficult not to spend some time reading this paper and then spend some more time writing a nice summary post about the paper. Very difficult. But…after a few days away for the holiday this past weekend, I need to get into defense-preparation mode. Bad timing. Although, perhaps I can convince myself that reading and posting about this paper is part of that.

In the meantime, check out the short BBC blurb about a study that characterized a very large debris flow event and deposit offshore of northwest Africa that occurred 60,000 years ago.



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