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Some Where on (Google)Earth stats

October 7, 2007

It’s been a slow weekend for me…went and saw some music in the park yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Doing some reading this afternoon getting my head into sedimentary provenance studies.  I am doing some point-counting this week…the last piece of the puzzle for my entire dissertation. All the other data (detrital zircons, shale geochemistry) is analyzed; the sandstone petrography will be done by the end of this week (or maybe next week). I’m not looking forward to it, but I just gotta get in the zone and get it done. Almost there…stay on target.

One thing I did do this weekend blogging-wise, was quickly compile the statistics to date for the Where on (Google)Earth challenge.


The dominance of Ron, with 20 wins, is quite evident. My two wins is pretty pathetic…maybe I should spend some time today working on Wo(G)E #59 over at Active Margin. Hmmm….reading about QFL plots….playing with GoogleEarth?


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