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Visual relation-based search engine for books

August 8, 2007

It seems more and more when I am looking for a book or a review of a book I end up on a page that links to Amazon. I can’t remember exactly how I found this site (amaznode), but it’s a way to search through Amazon’s catalog visually.

The way it works is that it connects books through the ‘customers who bought this also bought this’ data. It’s kind of interesting.
For example, in the screenshot image above I put in ‘Patagonia geology’ into the search box and the book cover thumbnail images started popping up. Another moment later, connections denoted by lines were drawn. This image is a snapshot in the process…it kept going until it filled in the entire Amazon catalog that satisfied the search terms.

The main group of books near the top are a bunch of travel and trekking books. The group to the right is a bunch of Patagonia fly fishing books, and the third major group near the bottom of the image represents a group of South American cookbooks. I’m not sure where the geology search term comes in here….hmmm.

And then you can move your cursor over the thumbnail and the book title pops up. If you click on it, a little box pops up from which you can go to the regular Amazon page or say ‘put in cart’ and keep going.

This style of searching and the visual revealing of links is becoming more abundant on the web. I’m not sure it’s robust enough (yet) to replace any searching methods, but it is an interesting additional way to find things. Especially, when you are curious about how the different books are linked. I would guess those researching marketing trends might find this very interesting.

It’s fun. Try it.


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  1. Ayisha permalink
    August 23, 2007 9:20 am

    Nice and knowledgeable gifts for everyone-
    Books and references

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