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A two-hour and twenty-three minute GM commercial

July 8, 2007

I really didn’t expect a movie from Michael Bay to be anything but the cheesiest cheese that Hollywood has to offer but I didn’t expect Transformers to be a commercial.

These days movies have a lot of product placement and the like, but this one really takes the cake. All the vehicles, especially the good ones (Autobots), were GM….Chevy and Pontiac cars and GMC trucks. Any chance they got….I mean any….they had a close-up of the logo on the grill of the car/truck. It wasn’t even subtle.

I was a kid in the ’80s, had the Transformers toys, and watched the cartoon. One of the favorite characters was an old yellow Volkswagen bug, named “Bumblebee”. This movie of course couldn’t have a German car in it…so, they made Bumblebee a damn Chevy Camaro!! What!? He’s supposed to be a cute little VW bug!! A#@holes!

The commercial….er, I mean movie….takes any chance it gets to have the leading girl lean over the car in her skimpy outfits. It looked like the cover of one of those hot rod magazines you see in the gas station on the road during a geology field trip.

Does GM really think this is gonna help their sales? Perhaps they oughtta work on designing and building cars Americans actually want to buy, instead of spending money on pushing the same junk. Anyone who goes out to buy a new Camaro simply because it was featured in this movie is the only customer GM has left.

We have crossed the line from movies that have a lot of ads in them to an advertisement that is disguised as a movie. The end is coming.

image above from Movieweb


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  1. CJR permalink
    July 11, 2007 6:49 am

    Of course, one could argue that they’re just staying true to the spirit of the original cartoons and comics….

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