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Awesome jazz and groove podcast

January 16, 2007

For those podcast subscribers out there, I found a great monthly music show that highlights groovy jazz
(including all the sub-sub-sub-genres of acid jazz, afro-beat, bop, cool jazz, cosmic jazz, dub, downtempo, electro-jazz, fusion, future jazz, groove jazz, jazzatronic, jazz dance, jazz-funk, jazz-rock, kozmigroov, modal, phusion, progressive, modern, nu-jazz, soul-jazz, spiritual, and world).

It’s called BendingCorners and is nice because the creators are DJs who spin sets that are about an hour or a little more of continuous music (i.e., one, long audio file)…typically within a ‘theme’ for that month. You can either subscribe to the podcast or just download the files directly. Although they only come once a month, if you like it, you can download from the archive. If you get really into it (I wish I had the time), they have the playlists for each set and you can explore the original stuff.

If jazz and groove is not your thing, you should at the very least download the tribute to James Brown (the Dec 2006 set called ‘Mr. Dynamite‘).

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