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Amazing view of the Mississippi River delta

May 8, 2013
Mississippi River delta from the International Space Station (photo by @Cmdr_Hadfield)

Mississippi River delta from the International Space Station (photo by @Cmdr_Hadfield)

I just had to share this image that Commander Chris Hadfield, an astronaut currently on the International Space Station, posted yesterday. I really like this perspective of the Mississippi River delta. It’s nice to get a view that isn’t a standard map (north to the top and looking straight down). This slightly oblique view emphasizes how ‘delicate’ the bird’s foot part of the delta is, that the boundary between what is land and what is not is a bit blurred.

I’ll also use this post as a plug for Commander Hadfield’s Twitter feed. It’s really quite simple — he takes photos of the Earth out the window of the space station and shares them. There isn’t a link to some busy web page or other social media noise, just a beautiful photo of our planet. And he does several each day. Simple and awesome.

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  1. May 8, 2013 11:19 am


    Fantastic photo, thanks for sharing, and thanks for the twitter tip, I’m following Commander Hadfield now.

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