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Serpentinite and California’s state rock

August 5, 2010

Starting today I will be doing weekly posts for the San Francisco Bay Area public TV/radio station KQED’s community science blog.  They produce a television program called QUEST that highlights greater Bay Area science and scientists and have a fantastic companion website with interactive maps, video reports, writing, and more. While my posts for QUEST will certainly have a local spin to them, I hope the greater geoscience readership will enjoy them.

My first post won’t be news to most of my regular readers — it covers some of the basic facts about serpentinite that have already been blogged/written about by Garry Hayes at Geotripper, Andrew Alden at, Silver Fox at Looking for Detachment and many others on Twitter (use #CAserpentine to see the latest). The point of the post was to communicate fundamental information to a slightly broader audience and the work and advocacy of my fellow geoscience bloggers made this a relatively easy task. Thank you!

Use this to subscribe to the entire QUEST community science blog:

To keep track of all my posts for QUEST, bookmark this:

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