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Poll — What day of week is best for a weekly round-up of geoblogosphere? (UPDATED)

June 12, 2010

UPDATE (June 12, 2010):

Thanks to all who took a moment to take the poll below. 32% of you think Monday is the best day for a weekly review of the geoblogosphere; and 30% don’t have any preference. Saturday came in at a distant third with 15% of the vote.

There are pros and cons for all these choices but I agree that Monday is the best day to do this. Traffic goes down significantly on the weekend (this is a good thing, it means people are out enjoying the world and not sitting behind a computer).

My goal with this is to highlight 3-6 posts from the previous week that provide some depth about geoscience-related current events, some recently reported findings from researchers, thoughts about geoscience education tools/methods, and so on. I’m looking for good writing!

I know about a lot of the geology blogs out there (at least the English-language ones) but new ones definitely slip under my radar. I welcome authors or readers of blogs to alert me to posts I may have missed using the comment thread on these review posts (or e-mail/twitter). This will be an experiment — I’m simply selecting posts that I think are particularly well written and/or provide a perspective that should be heard. I hope people like it.

[Original post]

I recently had a conversation with someone who mentioned that it would be pretty awesome if there was a weekly review of the geoscience blogosphere. A selection of a handful of posts that highlights some of the stand-out content from the week.

So, my question to you all — what day of the week is the best for such a review? Please take this quick poll and feel free to comment with why you think a certain day works best. I’m torn between Saturday and Monday.


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