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Creation fantasy camp coverage over at Pharyngula

May 28, 2007

As most of you know by now, a creationist “museum” is opening in Kentucky and receiving a lot of fanfare (mostly of the mocking and negative sort, thankfully).

I briefly considered writing a post about it, but then found Pharyngula’s incredible compilation of media and blogosphere reactions to the story.

The reaction from science-minded bloggers is overwhelmingly negative (correctly so) toward the opening of such an amusement park. But, as Pharyngula points out, the media as their heads up their asses:

Journalists, you have a problem. Most of the articles written on this “museum” bend over backwards to treat questions like “Did Man walk among Dinosaurs?” as serious, requiring some kind of measured response from multiple points of view, and rarely even recognized the scientific position that the question should not only be answered with a strong negative, but that it is absurd. Let me ask any reporters out there: when you cover a story about a disaster, say the destruction of a town by a tornado, do you also feel obligated to get a few pithy quotes from a few people who want to argue that the disaster was a good thing, or that the residents deserved it?

Head on over to Pharyngula for much, much more.


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